Changing the lives of children through music
Changing the world of music through children

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We are dedicated to the transformation of children into performing artists.  With singing at its core, and training in drama and dance, PALS empowers children to engage with audiences in profound ways.

Johanna Hill Simpson and PALS, at Tanglewood
PALS at Tanglewood

Considered one of the nation's premiere treble-voice ensembles, PALS Children's Chorus is based at the W.H. Lincoln School, a public K - 8 school in Brookline, MA.  This after-school performing arts program trains typical children from one school community, transforming individuals into an ensemble of the highest caliber.

Founded in 1990, PALS currently brings together 130 children ages 7 through 14 in three choral ensembles, and provides additional performing opportunities for high school students.  Through frequent rehearsal and performing opportunities, the children of PALS develop self-discipline, confidence and leadership skills, as well as an enduring appreciation of the arts.

PALS Children's Chorus is frequently heard in collaborations with distinguished adult performing groups as well as in concerts of their own, presenting a diverse repertoire of classical, traditional and popular music.  Commited to the presentation of contemporary music, PALS has premiered over a dozen new works, and continues to commission serious new music for treble voices.

Jordan Hall, 2000: the tenth anniversary concert
Jordan Hall, 2000: the Tenth Anniversary concert


PALS believes in the artistry of children and in their ability as performers to transform audiences. PALS believes in the pursuit of artistic excellence: Hiring a staff of dedicated professional artists who also are gifted and inspired teachers.

PALS performing at Carnegie Hall
performing at Carnegie Hall


PALS’ vision for the future is to continue to strengthen our work in the realms of musical artistry, children and community.  We will do so by:

To help us accomplish our vision, we have three specific goals for the long-term future of PALS: